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I only remember her sweet biker jacket and that she parks her hog in Zack’s spot (which sounds confusingly salacious).She does wear a leather biker jacket all the time and likes to fix cars.They have matured both professionally and personally which means some of their love lives have gotten super serious!

He is currently on the shelf with a knee injury he suffered during a battle royal on Smackdown for an opportunity at the Tag Team Championship.Here’s why the other ladies aren’t suitable matches. There is chemistry when they kiss for that play, though this could be a testament to Zack Morris’ acting abilities.Kelly and Zack might be the ultimate teenage dream with their rock-around-the-clock love at the Max, but it’s just always there. Plus, Zack helps Jessie with that awful caffeine pill problem where she feels so excited, so excited, so scared, but they’re better off as friends, allowing Jessie to berate him into a pulp.She then appeared as a contestant on the sixth season of Tough Enough, a reality show where budding wrestlers compete for a contract with WWE.She placed fourth but was not signed by the WWE and instead went to wrestle on the independent scene as Jaida.

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  1. )1 said, sorry your not my type, 1 other said she would get back to me and never did! Browsed through a few dating sites and you got to laugh in disbelief at some of the delusional females on there, even funnier are those with pics.

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