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For years, I’ve been trying to ignore my disastrous contact management situation.

Really, once you get digits, email addresses, and job titles for more than a couple dozen people, you’re doomed to collect duplicates and false (or outdated) information about every single human being you know like some sort of sick, twisted Katamari ball of maddening and ever-worsening inaccuracy.

If you let it go for too long, your address book becomes less of a legitimate tool and more of a tattered, faded treasure map that lead you to the phone numbers and email addresses you need, if the planets align.

But then my friend and former colleague Joanna Stern published a column touching on this very nonsense, and it finally spurred me into action.

Once everything is linked and imported, the service works some magic to create a new "unified contacts" book — this is your One True Contact Bible, basically — which intelligently merges, de-dupes, and fills in extra information that it can find on your contacts from around the internet (like company and job title).

Over time, it automatically keeps the unified address book up to date, and will hold any changes that it isn’t sure about for your review the next time you log into the website or the mobile app.

My added challenge, which is certainly not unique to me, is that I have multiple Google accounts: a personal account and a work account through Vox Media’s Google Apps domain.

My i Phone address book holds nearly 800 contacts including defunct numbers, contacts containing no information, and of course the requisite dozens of duplicate contacts.

This is the result of years of syncing various email accounts and social media profiles.

It powers your email contacts, and it rears its head in your calendar app too.

It's worth your while to clear the clutter in your contacts list and, at the same time, streamline your other accounts.

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