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Cinematographer and NYU alum Teodoro Maniaci took their script to New York based production company Good Machine, which was able to secure financing.

When screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2000, proved one of the biggest crowd pleasers in the festival’s history. Duncan North recalled the origins of the Tao of Steve by stating, “When I was a teenager I was really into Eastern philosophy and had read about Taoism and its emphasis on desirelessness and waiting for things to come to you and not pursuing them.

Jenniphr Goodman recalled, “The hardest part was coming up with some kind of story.

We knew we had a very compelling character, but we had no real story.

He challenges your idea of what it means to be a good person.” Capturing North’s act in a documentary was Jenniphr Goodman’s initial idea.

Once Greer became involved, the sisters considered a one-man play before arriving on a feature film.

Duncan wanted to make a car chase, drug deal, cops-and-guns road movie. We dragged him screaming into the personal journey story.

Goodman recalled, “I remembered him as the cab driver, and then I saw his reel and it’s extraordinarily diverse.

(2000) Screenplay by Greer Goodman & Jenniphr Goodman and Duncan North, story by Duncan North Directed by Jenniphr Goodman Produced by Good Machine Running time: 87 minutes So, What’s This About?

At his 10-year high school reunion in Santa Fe, a chubby slouch named Dex (Donal Logue) and his married conquest (Ayelet Kaznelson) get it on in the library.

She returned to her hometown of Cleveland to teach preschoolers art before earning a master’s degree from NYU Film School.

In 1994, Goodman moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, who was earning his teaching credential.

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