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It would be so interesting to demonstrate how precisely when we act in an apparently wild way, you know, like let’s say — it’s not true, but let’s say we are talking in a nice polite way.

Not object of desire, object of desire I think in this case is a woman or a man or whatever.

A funny story: They made in Europe, not in the United States, some decades ago when the two big modeling stars were Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. Because of that birth, that particular small mole here, whatever, birthmark. I was talking once in a faraway country somewhere in Latin America. A still very attractive lady, sexually, late 30s, who told me of a strange thing that happened to her.

They made in France, I think, a big opinion poll like, "Whom would you prefer to live with? She told me that when her last lover saw her naked before making love that he told her if you were just to lose three, four pounds, your body would have been perfect.

And I can tell you I never met nicer, more kind girls or women. We have a nice talk; we have tea; we talk about movies. Machines are doing — now where would have been here a true romance.

It is as if they were able to enact all the dirty disgusting stuff out there so that then they could afford when you paid your tribute to your superego to be nice, kind, and so on and so on. Let’s say I talk with a lady with the lady because we really like each other. But it’s not the usual oppressive sex where you worry about performance.

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