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Compromising: People who prefer a compromising style try to find a solution that will at least partially satisfy everyone.Everyone is expected to give up something, and the compromiser him- or herself also expects to relinquish something.Avoidance occurs when one or more parties avoids engaging or addressing a situation.The advantage of avoidance is that it can be useful if conflict will not produce a resolution toward the goal or the conflict is perceived as minimal. The disadvantage of avoidance is that by not addressing conflicts, long-term goals may not be met.However, accommodation can also lead to lack of self-esteem within the accommodating party.The winning party may also begin to take advantage.Compromise is useful when the cost of conflict is higher than the cost of losing ground, when equal strength opponents are at a standstill and when there is a deadline looming.

Conflict occurs when two or more parties disagree with a principle or thought process, and resolution is needed before moving on.

This style is useful when you need to bring together a variety of viewpoints to get the best solution; when there have been previous conflicts in the group; or when the situation is too important for a simple trade-off.

However it can become problematic in situations where decisions need to be made quickly or when engaging with someone who isn’t willing to collaborate on the issue.

The accommodator often knows when to give in to others, but can be persuaded to surrender a position even when it is not warranted.

This person is not assertive but is highly cooperative.

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Thomas and Kilmann’s styles are: Competitive (Forcing): People who tend towards a competitive style take a firm stand, and know what they want.

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