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Eye contact flirting is about conveying a message without having to say it, but in order for it to work, you have to have that message in mind. By holding that stare for a few seconds, there is an animal instinct you are toying with.Just looking at this guy thinking, doesn’t tell him the information he really wants. Then you finish it up with a tiny smile that makes him wonder.So when shy girl eye contact flirts with shy guy, but no smiling is exchanged, then no real information has been passed along. It is important that you put a little emotion behind your look or you will spend the rest of the semester counting how many times you look at each other. Try this scenario: you are looking at him and he turns to look at you. Simply looking at someone and them noticing could be completely meaningless. Practice doing this in the mirror: Look up and catch your eyes.Bite your bottom lip just a little, smile and look away. ” This draws attention to your lips which is the other part of your face that guys love. Since we are dealing with guys here, you have to give him some information he will have to interpret. As you look at yourself, put this thought in your head: “I want to lick hot fudge out of your belly button.” Did you notice how sexy and silly that made you look? Now think, “I know a secret.” Could you spot the difference in the look? Hold that gaze for three seconds, then smile faintly and then look away. You were innocently looking around, but then you caught his eyes on you.Your goal here is to always be the last one to look away.Guys are often way better at this because it’s usually a sign of aggression.

Use your hair to hide behind (another reason to have long hair).

She coined one of our favorite lines, “Life without flirting …is just existing! Practice holding gazes when you walk around your campus.

” This really is one of the best resources for really understanding how to make yourself irresistible to men with your sexy flirting. For now, you might just be able to do it for a quick second but as you do it more and more, you’ll find it easier to get over how uncomfortable it is to make eye contact and you’ll be able to stare anyone down.

I saw him through the corner of my eye but ignored him, because I’m WAY too shy to flirt with him when he’s with his friend. It’s time to get past the shyness that has probably plagued you your entire life. If you read through this website enough, you’ll see that we recommend this system all over the place. Conquering your shyness opens up so many doors in your world.

You can stop living a life of waiting and start doing everything you’ve ever desired OK, enough of the lectures and back to the question at hand, “Does eye contact flirting really work? ” The issue here is that you aren’t following through.

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